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Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi on 12th September 2018

Ganesh Chaturthi Quotes

The divine, joyous and prosperous festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is here again for the people of India to celebrate and greet their loved ones. So here in this page get best selections of Ganesh Chaturthi Quotes 2016 that adds more meaning into this divine celebration.

  1. In this Vinayaka Chaturthi, May Lord Ganesha give you lot of Happiness and Joy.
    ~Happy Ganesha Chaturthi~
  2. He is worshiped with red flowers. Unfailing, merciful, the origin of the worlds, He appears at the beginning of creation, alone, beyond Nature, beyond the Cosmic Person. He who meditates on His form becomes great among the yogis.
    ~Happy Ganesha Chaturthi~
  3. I wish u Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and I pray to God for your prosperous life. May you find all the delights of life, May your all dreams come true.
  4. Ek Do Teen Char...
    Ganapathi Ki Jay Jay Kaar Paanch Chai Saat Aaath...
    Ganapati Hai Sabke saath...
    ~Happy Ganesha Chaturthi~
  5. This, is a special time when family and friends get together for fun.
    Wishing laughter and fun to cheer your days,
    In this festive season of GANESHA PUJA and always!
    ~Happy Ganesh Puja~
    **HAPPY Shri Ganesh Chaturthi**
  7. Aapka sukh gabesh ke peth jitna bda ho, Aapka dukh undar jesa chota ho, Aapki life ganeshji ke sund jitni badi ho, Aapke bol modak jaise mithe ho…
  8. Aate bade dhoom se ganpati ji, jaate bade dhoom se ganpati ji, aakhir sabse pahale aakar,hamare dilon me bas jate ganpati ji. Happy Ganesh Chaturthy!!!
  9. Wishing you happiness as big as Ganesh's appetite life is long as his trunk trouble as small as his mouse and moments as sweet as his laddus Sending you wishes on Ganesh Chaturthi!
  10. 10. Gajanana Shri Ganaraya aadi vandu tujha Moraya Ganpati Bappa Morya! Mangal Murti Morya Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.
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