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Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi on 12th September 2018

Ganesh Chaturthis 9 Days Puja Process

Lord Ganesha’s worship marks the beginning of any auspicious occasion like marriage ceremonies, business ventures etc. This is generally a ten day long festival commencing on the fourth day (Shukla Chaturthi) and completing on the fourteenth day (Anant Chaturdashi) of the waxing moon period.The length of the worship can range from 1.5 days to 10 days. The procedure of a 9 days puja at homeis given below.

Procedure of a 9 Days Puja:
  • Pre Preparation for the Worship: The idol is brought home a day before the puja with a black thread tied around it and face covered. When the idol enters the house, some rice should be thrown over it while chanting Ganapati Bappa Morya.
  • Observance of the Rituals: The 9 days puja begins with Pranpratishtha or invoking life into the clay idol by chanting sacred slokas. This ritual is followed by Shhodashopachara or the sixteen fold prayer.Various offerings like 21 durva (trefoil) blades of grass, coconut, red flowers, 21 modakas and jaggery, are made to the lord. During the 9 days puja, Arti is done in the morning and evenings.
  • Visarjan: This is a very important ritual and marks the end of the 9 days puja. It is the immersion of the idol in water. Curd, flowers, dhoop, fragrance and food should be offered to lord Ganesh before Visarjan

Depending on various customs, traditions and even convenience, the Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated for either 1.5, 3,5,7, 9 or 10 days. There is a strange myth which warns devotees to avoid seeing the moon on some particular times during the festival especially on the first day.

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