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Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi on 12th September 2018

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

The initiation date of Ganesh Chaturthi festival is not clear but as per historical records this pious festival being celebrated as community festival during the sovereignty of Shivaji, who was founder of Maratha Dynasty in 1630-80. After that Peshwas (1749-1818) promoted Ganesh Chaturthi festival and its celebration as public event. With the collapse of Peshwa reign, the festival lost its royal support and turned into private family celebration. In 1893, Pt. Bal Gangadhar Tilak formally Lokmanya Tilak renewed Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebration. He transformed the private family celebration into large public event. Lokmanya Tilak disseminates Ganesh Chaturthi as a large and vastly celebrated festival in order to obliterate differences of cast and to engender patriotic passion among Marathi people against British rule.

This pious festival is rejoiced with great passion in excitement in all across India. Eagerness to its extent for this festival can be seen in Maharashtra and south India. Preparation and arrangements for this festival begin two to three months prior to festival. Expert artisans prepare pleasing to eye Ganesha Idols by decorating and painting beautifully. Ganesh idols vary in shape and size and installed in temporarily made structures of tents, which are called Pandals or Mandaps. These mandaps are adorned using electric lights, flower festoon, etc. Many Pandals are decorated as per specific theme or idea. Several people install small Ganesh Idols in their home

When Ganesha Idol is installed in Pandals or mandaps, the priest is called to invoke verve into the idol by hymning mantras and performing formal procedures. From that day that Ganesha Idol worshipped till 10 days and on eleventh day the idol is a huge march of people through the streets, roads. On this march people escort Ganesha Idol by dancing, singing and spreading colors all around. The destinations of these parades are river or sea where Ganesha Idol is finally immersed. It is a custom in which Lord Ganesha starts journey toward his residences eliminating all troubles and worries of his devotees.

The festival is also rejoiced by organizing different cultural activities, stage performances, public activities such as free health checkup camps, charitable camp for the poor, etc. The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi has become a significant financial occasion as lots of industries, corporate and artiste endure on this mega public event as it endow them with an excellent platform to demonstrate their art to the Public.

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